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Research Paper Writing Service

Research Paper

What do you feel each time your professor asks you to write a research paper? Most of you immediately imagine a heap of books, a dozen of web pages, and at least 20 printed articles, which you need to explore, in order to arrive to a relevant conclusion. Most students traditionally associate the process of writing with a mental torture. To read, explore, investigate, and present the thoughts and information in a cohesive manner is something which only few can accomplish. However, most of these difficulties are because students do not know what a research paper is.

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Generally, a research paper is a written work, in which a student presents his (her) thoughts and ideas and backs them up with someone else’s information. Such information may come from a variety of sources, from newspapers to web pages to peer-reviewed articles and books. What resources to choose depends on the purpose of the paper and specific paper requirements. Some tutors require that students avoid using web resources. Others demand using peer-reviewed articles from scholarly databases. However, a research paper is not simply a review of literature and web resources. Rather, it is a form of integrative analysis, based on available literature.

A research paper is an expanded form of essay, which presents students’ interpretation of a research problem. Research paper is a unique opportunity for students to use their experience and knowledge of the subject and reconsider them through the prism of available information. Here, literature review is the first step toward creating a good piece of writing. A review of literature exemplifies a complex combination of activities, which include researching information, summarizing and paraphrasing it. The purpose of literature review is to show that students can analyze and understand professional literature in the given field of study. A literature review is followed by a detailed analysis of the issue. At times, students need take a stand and defend their position with the information from available literature sources.

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